Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What i have been doing lately...

 poppy flower :. Styrofoam, acrylic paint

 Fisherman' buoys :. carved foam

 close-up of shell :. Foam Art

 Ocean waves :. painters color swatches

 Regular show :. paint, crayon, foam

 Optimus Prime :. 2000 lego pieces

 8-bit Super Mario :. fruit loop cereal

 Superman n Beastman :. watercolour

 Big Head Batman :. cardboard

Woverine and Starwars :. art print on pillow

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jason Hickman Online Portfolio - Fine Art

I have been designing and sculpting artwork for about 5 years now, I have had a few art shows, and have my work shown in galleries, Coffee Shops and private residences around Nova Scotia, Canada. I would like to show off some of that work here, primarily my landscape work.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Jason Hickman Online Portfolio - Animation

While employed as night shift animation supervisor at colideascope here is animation I completed on "Bromwell High".

While employed as an animation supervisor at colideascope here is animation I completed on "Katbot".

While employed as Assistant Director at Trapeze in PEI, here is clean up animation I completed on "Doodlez season II".

While employed as Assistant Director at Trapeze in PEI, here is animation I completed on "Little Red Riding Hood".

A Huminah huminah production completed 2010. I was lead character designer as well as the creative director.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jason Hickman Online Portfolio - Gamer Design

X-Box platform next gen game: Built artwork and build effects for AI mini boss characters for Marvel Ultimate alliance, in conjunction with AI programmers, 3d animators, and design team.

worked with Art director, programmer and layout artist (Ian Bourgault) to build user interface and integrate hidden items. to download game.

Disney Online game: designed game icons and items that are programmed to work in game.

Here are some designs for Disney online games, iphone development, user interface, and Xbox platform visual effects ( marvel ultimate alliance II ).

Jason Hickman Online Portfolio - Pitch package

Characters design and developed with help of Adam Terrio and Huminah Huminah.

"Grease Gill" developed with help from Adam Terrio, "Mike and Mel" are all Adam Terrio, I wanted to show how the designs both complement each other.

"Beverly hills roach" I only completed the coloring for this color concept.

Characters design by Adam Terrio, I added in the development of the layout for the pitch package while at Huminah Huminah.

"Carnies" Created characters and design for Huminah huminah

Most of these character and ideas were created for Huminah Humianh Animation while I was employed as Creative Director in charge of Pitch Package Presentations. Some design were developed with help from other designer as well as myself.

Jason Hickman Online Portfolio - Character Design

Most of these designs are just for fun, some were developed for current and past employers. I would like to thank some friend in there opinions and with some design help.